Focused Strategy

Our investment platform is purpose-built to access differentiated private market opportunities through a highly selective investment process that seeks to drive value while bringing clarity to complexity.

Our experienced credit teams pursue diligent bottom-up underwriting while exploring relative value dynamics. We focus on investment grade alpha with the goal to provide competitive risk-adjusted returns. We seek to capitalize on the most compelling investment opportunities that maximize structural and illiquidity premia across the credit spectrum.

Private asset-based finance & structured credit
Private corporate credit
Commercial real estate debt
Sports, Media & Entertainment
Leveraged finance

Investments in asset-based & structured debt secured by diversified pools of cash flowing financial & hard assets

Investments in fundamentally strong companies with proven management teams & financial sponsors with successful track records

Investments in acquisitions and refinancings of stabilized & transitional commercial properties in primary & secondary markets

Debt and equity investments across the sports, media, and entertainment industries using a mix of financing structures (including asset-based lending, corporate credit, and real estate) and focusing on opportunities with predictable cash flows, collateral, and diversified revenue sources driving asset valuations

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Katayma Credit Management (“KCM”), is focused on selecting and actively managing portfolios of non-investment grade corporate debt


We seek to build partnerships with our clients enabled by our differentiated organizational framework and collaborative approach. Kuvare’s operating companies are expected to invest alongside our clients, driving alignment across our business.


KAM’s dedicated, seasoned professionals bring decades of experience and extensive networks in their primary sector specialties, enabling access to a spectrum of investment ideas and a highly selective investment process.


We embrace structural complexity and commit to deeper engagement to unlock value for our clients.

Risk Management

We deploy a rigorous approach to credit underwriting, structuring, and ongoing risk management, proactively engaging with our ecosystem of borrowers and business partners to actively monitor transactions.