Experienced Perspectives

We bring decades of experience and extensive networks through our team of investment professionals, enabling access to a spectrum of ideas and a highly selective investment process.

Our collaborative culture across teams maximizes our focus on excellence. We are dedicated to hiring and mentoring talented professionals to support the success and growth of our clients, our stakeholders, our business partners, and our firm.

All Leadership Investments Client Solutions Operations & Reporting Legal & Compliance

Dhiren Jhaveri

Kuvare Founder & CEO

Brian Roelke

Kuvare Asset Management President & Chief Investment Officer

Casi Arnone

Vice President, Client Relationship Manager

Marla Berger

Head of Legal, Commercial Real Estate Team

Nicholas Charles

Analyst, Portfolio Management

Jack C. Chen

Analyst, Operations

Jack Chen

Head of Legal, Structured Credit Team

Zoey Chi

Analyst, Asset-Based Finance

Peter Chung

Managing Director, Asset-Based Finance

Abbey Cox

Associate, Operations

Michael DiMiceli, CFA

Associate, Corporate Credit

Reed Doble

Analyst, Asset-Based Finance

Elliot Dugas

Analyst, Operations

Shayla Feng

Associate, Risk Management

Kyle Ferguson

Analyst, Operations

Fabrice Fiol

Managing Director, Head of Risk Management

Roberto Garibay

Director, Operations

Sean Geertsema

Analyst, Operations

Kevin Gill

Manager, Operations

Don Haber

Managing Director, Head of CRE Credit

Jiawen He

Analyst, Operations

Rachel Hudson

Managing Director, Head of Private Placements

Enzo Incandela

Chief Compliance Officer, Deputy Chief Legal Officer

Spencer Jordan

Vice President, Asset-Based Finance

Ira Kaplan, CFA

Managing Director, 
Head of Portfolio Management

Robert Karner

Managing Director, Head of CRE Originations

Faisal Kassam

Managing Director, Head of Asset-Based Finance

Grace Kim

Managing Director, Head of CLO Investments

Brian Kurtz

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Levine, CPA

Associate, Operations

Michael Long, CFA

Director, Portfolio Management

Colleen Martin

Director, Operations

Meagan Miranda

Analyst, Commercial Real Estate

Ana Morales

Managing Director, Head of Business Development & Product Strategy

Jason Moses

Associate, Commercial Real Estate

Albert Napoleon

Analyst, Operations

Kura Nishel


Michael Pardun

Analyst, Operations

Alex Paroda

Director, Commercial Real Estate

Will Pass

Analyst, Commercial Real Estate

Thomas Pasuit

Chief Legal Officer

Abhi Patel

Associate, Operations

Sana Petersen

Managing Director, Head of CRE Asset Management

Rachel Potoker

Analyst, Corporate Credit

Jason Powers

Managing Director, Head of Structured Credit & Strategic Initiatives

Amira Privott-Yeiser

Senior Legal Counsel

Sandra Pulido


Daniela Quintanilla, CAIA

Director, Business Development & Product Strategy

Bob Restrick

Managing Director, Head of Commercial Real Estate

Joanne Robles

Executive Assistant

Tommy Rodriguez

Manager, Operations

Rafael Rojas

Director, Risk Management

Tom Shanklin

Managing Director, Head of Corporate Credit

Tyler Shankoff

Analyst, Corporate Credit

Svitlana Shchipanska

Analyst, Operations

Jing Shi, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Management

Tyler Shwachman

Analyst, Portfolio Management

Griffin Smuts

Analyst, Asset-Based Finance

Harshad Sukalikar

Vice President, Asset-Based Finance

Greg Tamargo

Analyst, Structured Credit

Allison Toy

Director, Head of CRE Underwriting

Zack White, CFA

Vice President, Corporate Credit

Matthew Xirinachs

Director, Corporate Credit

Wenzhi Zhu

Analyst, Operations

Marie Zimny, CPA


Jack Zivitofsky

Associate, Asset-Based Finance